Porter's Orders

Aftercare instructions

Upon leaving Porter's tattoos you will be wrapped in a protective bandage which you can keep on for up to 4 days.

This Bandage is going to look really messy where your tattoo is. The tattoo may have excess ink and blood collecting over your tattoo making it look distorted, this is all normal.

If any of this liquid leaks outside of the bandage (Regardless of the day) its time for the bandage to come off.

Easiest removal is to hop in the shower and use warm (not hot) water running over the entire bandage, take a corner and slowly start peeling down using the water to assist you.

Toss that gross bandage


The most important wash is the very first, with unscented antibacterial soap and your hand you are going to give that new art a really, really good wash, YES it will probably hurt!


Make sure your tattoo is FULLY DRY before applying an unscented lotion, balm or oil (adding moisture on top of a moist scab is a VIP invitation to the bacteria parade)

Rub that lotion, balm or oil right into the skin, do not leave a layer of moisture over your tattoo. (see above for reason, and yes it will probably hurt for the first few days)

Repeat as necessary and check FAQ page for more information

**If your tattoo looks infected and has a bad odour check in with your doctor, you may need to be treated with antibiotics.**