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Will Getting a tattoo hurt?

The easiest answer would be yes, but it also depends on your personal pain threshold, size, location of placement and time spent undergoing the tattoo process.

It’s worth it, promise..

My tattoo is itchy, what do i do?

DO NOT SCRATCH OR PICK! if the tattoo is dry and itchy, try applying a small amount of unscented tattoo moisturizer and rubbing it right in.

Don't worry.. this means your tattoo is healing!

my bandage broke early, should i re-wrap it?

Nope, nope nope.

re-wrapping could result in trapping new bacteria, germs or pathogens under the bandage with your tattoo. eeew. Take it off and give it a really good wash with unscented soap and your hand, continue with aftercare

how long until i can swim?

ahh, we love the water don't we.... NO submerging the tattoo under water of any type for too long during the healing process, scabs will float away taking all that new fresh ink with it.

help! my tattoo is all scabby!


Prematurely removing the scabbing can remove ink from your fresh tattoo!

how much Lotion is too much?

Apply a small amount of unscented moisturizer to your clean/dry tattoo and rub into the skin. Less is more.