The most important part of the experience…

The Music

The Vibe
Erin in Erin is now Porter from..

Porter’s tattoos inc.

Yes! New space- same crazy uncensored tattoo lady you all know and love..
Welcome to this magical Web space dude.. sit back and….

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Unofficial employee


Carl and I met back in 2022, I saved him then bathed him and he has been an important part of my journey into my new space. If you haven’t met Carl yet don’t worry, he plans to be hanging out at the shop for a while….
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Carl skeleton tattoo

(We have had a chat about his nudist lifestyle.. Carl has agreed to at least have underpants on at the shop. Everyone else has to. He does too. -management)

Carl and Freddie
In case you were wondering….

Where the f*ck is Mount Forest????!….

Here is a fancy map of the spot.
pull into the driveway where the TD bank is.. to the left you will see a hideous little grey building poking out to the left with the logo on the door... you’ll find me ♥️ See you soon

154 Main Street south (Back entrance) Mount Forest, Ontario N0G 1L3

 Text-+ 1 226-972-1866

By Appointment, please contact